Insite Clients benefit from experienced, independent advice covering metering and billing regulations, and best practice at every stage of a project; from design specifications through to the ongoing operations and management of the heat network.

With extensive knowledge gained from more than 100 communal energy networks, Insite provides advisory services designed to comply with the Heat Network Metering & Billing Regulations, improve monitoring, performance and delivery of heat networks; minimise ongoing operational costs; mitigate risks, both financial and reputational; and ultimately ensure clients give their residents best value in delivery of heat and management of their heat network.

Whether you have a new build project going through planning and construction, or an existing building already on a heat network, Insite provides solutions tailored to the needs of your site.

Unlike some of our competitors, we’re not tied to any one equipment solution or product range. We work with many types of system, so we are well placed to know the benefits and limitations to many of the available heat metering and pay-as-you-go solutions in the market.

New build projects

If you’re involved with a new construction project Insite can advise you on the regulations, best practices and methodologies for metering and billing the eventual residents.

We take into account both the objectives of the construction project and the longer-term objectives of the parties who will be operating the site, post-completion. We regularly find that these two sets of objectives are not synchronised early enough in a project, leading to significant cost increases and delays.

Retro-fitting systems

Insite may be able to adopt or upgrade an underperforming site subject to what equipment is heat metering equipment and infrastructure is installed and the clients ability to switch metering and billing provider.

With the introduction of the Heat Network Metering & Billing Regulations 2014, existing heat networks have until the end of 2016 to be retrospectively fitted with the required metering capability. Insite advises clients on specific site requirements, how to achieve them, and can manage the design and retro-fitting compliant metering solutions.

We have a wide range of experience in adopting underperforming credit billing sites and making relatively low cost changes to datalogging infrastructure to “start afresh” with resident billing, through to full retrospective installation of Guru pay as you go systems in residents occupied properties to improve residents consumption visibility and eradicate ongoing debt issues.

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